yay, two comments. :)


well, I guess I should tell you all something about me ... obviously my name is Carley, and my middle name is Lolita. I got named that because my mom was reading the book Lolita A LOT when she was pregnant with me. Also, there is a movie called Lolita. More than one, i think. i turned 16 on March 26. i have three biffles, Victoria, Abby and Payton. we're like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, only without magical pants. and I have a semi-boyfriend named Josh. most people think that we're dating (Josh and me) but we're not exactly. yet. i know he likes me, though. and i like him, too. obviously. :)

my parents are still together (miracle, I know) and I have an older sister, Joulia (yes, Julia with an O), and two brothers, Ryan and Trent. Ryan's only slightly younger than I am. But Trent is way little. He's almost seven. I want a cat or dog or something, but all we have is a bunch of goldfish. I hate goldfish. they never do anything but sit and stare at you like idiots. and you never hear about fish saving anyone's life, like cats or dogs do. all fish are good at is dying. 

now, if we had a cool fish, like a mini shark or something, i probably wouldn't complain. I bet little sharks aren't as prone to death as goldfish are. 

i guess that's all for now. i'm going to go watch TV or something.

Hey, I'm Carley. 

I made this blog only because of my cousin Roxy. so this is all her doing, promise. ;)

I also have a twitter because of her: follow me. 

ily roxy. :) mwahh. 

what do i have to blog about?